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[摘要]以下是本站实用资料频道编辑为您整理的七年级英语暑假作业答案(人教版),供您参考,更多详细内容请点击本站查看。  一、选择填空  1-5 BCDDA 6-10 BBDDA 11-15 DCCDC  二、完形填空  1-5 CBCDA 6-10 BDBAD  三、阅读理解 ACCBD  四、填词




  1-5 BCDDA 6-10 BBDDA 11-15 DCCDC


  1-5 CBCDA 6-10 BDBAD

  三、阅读理解 ACCBD


  1.pollution 2. strange 3. Appeared 4. geography 5. dangerous 6. frightened

  7.Scientists 8. twentieth 9.towards 10.practises 11.None 12.northwest


  1. is knocking 2.bought 3.to learn 4.goes 5. playing 6. Don't forget , to take 7. doesn't rain 8.Listening 9. will begin


  1.What's, weight of 2.couldn't see anything 3,Each of , has 4. Don't take 5. Which book 6. How long 7. Differen't from 8. What did, do 9. What a tall building it is !./ How tall the building is !

  10 I was excited to see so many amazing things.

  11 Is it necessary to walk the dog once a day?


  1.Look! How happily the children are playing!

  2.Thank you for recommending such an interesting film to me.

  3.It's bad for your health to go to school without having breakfast.

  4.Do you know what happened to him last week?

  5.The teacher told the children to keep away frem danger.

  八. 作文

  Dear Mr. Wu ,

  I would like to recommend Sandy for this year's Best Animal Lover Award.

  Sandy is a kind and helpful student. She often helps others.

  Sandy also likes animals very much. She often reads articles about animals and watches TV programmes about them She is amember of the school Animal Lover Club. She does a lot of work for the club.

  One day, Sandy took a homeless dog to her home. She gave the dog something nice to eat. She brushed its fur to make it clean. Then , she took the dog for a walk in the park.

  I think Sandy should get the award . If she can get it , I'll be very happy.

  I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  一 单词辩音 ABABB


  三 完型填空31-35 BDACA 36-40 ACBBC

  四 单词填空

  1. thousand 2.loaves 3.fifty-first 4. until 5. preparin 6.neighbours’, 7.bookcases/bookshelves 8. local 9. pollution 10.None


  1.is lying 2.look 3.likes 4.not to play 5. to worry


  七 句子翻译

  1. Teaching the parrot to say “thank you” is not difficult.

  2. He uses the blanket to put out a fire, he saved this 79 year-old people.

  3. This idea sounds funny!

  4. Nobody knows what happened to her yesterday.

  5. We went home until the snow stopped then.

  八 书面表达

  Suzhou is an old and beautiful city. There is less air pollution here ,the air is very fresh /good.

  There are also a lot of pretty gardens in Suhzou.many visitors come here every year.

  Suhzou is very clost to Shanghai. It only takes an hour to get to shanghai by bus/car..

  If you visit Suhzou , you can buy lots of nice silk scarves,taste Suzhou delicious snacks.

  Welcome to suzhou ! It is a really wonderful city!


  —、1.anybody 2.noise 3.weather 4.quietly 5.catches 6.chance 7.planning 8.throw 9.pets 10.sign

  二、1.will/is going to be 2.is talking 3.went 4.was 5.don’t sell 6.receiving 7.swimming 8.Don’t be 9.called 10.brush

  三、1.D 2.A 3.D 4.A 5.C 6.A 7.B 8.B 9.B 10.C 11.B 12.B

  四、1.Most of the time.I enjoy staying/being at home alone.

  2.1isten!Someone is ringing the door bell.

  3.If you want to keep fit.make sure you do some exercise every day.

  4.I’m very interested in watching NBA games.

  5.Dogs are our best friends.we shouldn’t be afraid of them.

  五、1.A 2.B 3.C 4.B 5.D 6.B 7.C 8.A 9.D 10.C

  六、(A)1.D 2.B 3.C 4.A 5.C

  (B)1.B 2.D 3.C 4.A 5.B

  七、My Good Friend

  I have a good friend.She is a Chinese girl of 14.Her name is Zhang Jie.She studies in No.5 Middle School.She is good at English,Chinese and Maths.She can sing and play basketball quite well.She likes watching TV,too.She is very kind and friendly.She is always ready to help others.What a good girl!


  一、1~5. BDACC 6~10. CDAAA 11~15. DBACC

  二、1~5. ACADC 6~10. CBCBA

  三、1~5. CBAAD 6~10. BCDBA 11~15、BDCBD

  四、1. wonderful 2. strange 3. surprised 4. memory . 5. through


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